Mental Health Intake Process

Mental health intake is available every Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm.  Intakes can be accessed by phoning Sherbourne’s main switchboard and following the voice prompts. Or, by calling 416-324-4100, extension 5310.

Intake interviews need to be completed directly with the client who is interested in accessing mental health services – interviews typically last approximately 30 minutes each. If clients do not have a phone, they may also come to Sherbourne Health Centre requesting service (during the times listed above). In such a case, the Mental Health Intake Counsellor will either do an intake onsite or arrange for an appointment at a later time. Referrals for mental health intake can happen in a variety of ways; however, all internal referrals should be completed using standard internal referral processes (Accuro tasks or paperwork forms).

Note: all clients who have completed intake are placed onto our waitlist; depending on current demand, wait times can fluctuate. Please contact Mental Health Intake Counsellor for more information.