A Message on behalf of our Board and Staff regarding anti-Black racism and discrimination

At Sherbourne Health one of our values is BOLD.
We challenge oppression and discrimination.
We forge new paths and create new ways to serve our communities.
We create change by asking thoughtful questions, finding answers, then taking action.  
We chose this value to demonstrate who we are and to highlight our responsibility to act. At this time of urgency surrounding the impact of anti-Black racism, it is vital for us to look at what we should do next in our efforts to challenge discrimination. For our work at Sherbourne this will mean continuing to create space at all levels of the organization for us to have discussions about anti-Black racism in an effort to create change. For our work in the community it will mean finding opportunities to support efforts that focus on eradicating anti-Black racism as well as other forms of discrimination that impact racialized groups, LGBT2SQ communities and Indigenous people. Through these collective efforts, Sherbourne Health is committed to being a part of a tangible change where all voices can truly be heard.