covid-19 handouts

The Implementation Working Group of the Downtown East Ontario Health Team (DET OHT) on Outreach and Wrap Around Supports in High Density Neighbourhoods, co-led by Sherbourne Health with St. Judes, is very happy to present handouts with information related to COVID-19. These handouts are available in multiple languages (as listed below), and are reviewed and updated as new information becomes available.

mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines: Some Facts

COVID-19 Vaccines: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Common Worries About COVID-19 Vaccines

Viral Vector COVID-19 Vaccines: Some Facts

  • English
  • Versions in additional languages coming soon

This initiative is led by Dr. Warda Iqbal, a physician on Sherbourne’s Newcomer Health Team, with partners LOFT, Regent Park Community Health Centre and City Park Co-op.