Food for Good Market Greens

The Food for Good Market Greens initative is a new year-round, community-based market offering fresh, affordable produce to community members living on low incomes. 

Low-cost produce fresh fruits and vegetables.
Nutritious options that are representative of St. James Town.
Healthy eating support through recipes, resources and workshops.
Community dietitian on-site to assist with dietary questions and concerns.

How it works:
• Anyone can drop by Market Greens to purchase a variety of fruits and vegetables at low prices, which help subsidize the program for those in need.
• A number of limited spots for subsidized produce are available for Sherbourne Health clients through the Greens Rx program. See below for details.

When: Every Wednesday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
The Corner @ 240 (240 Wellesley St E, on the north-west side of the Food Basics)

Two photos of the Greens Rx card with hands. Sherbourne Health service users can sign up to Greens Rx through their service provider or on-site.

Greens Rx is a “fresh food perscription” that provides a fixed weekly discount (based on household size) on all fresh produce that you buy at Market Greens. If you are not eligible, please note you do not need to show proof of Greens Rx to shop at the market. Market Greens is open to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I arrive?

A visit to Market Greens is like any trip to the grocery store; visitors can select their own produce from our weekly variety, without any limits on quanities, paper-filing, or proof of income. At check-out, payment can be made by cash, debit, or credit.

Do I need to be a Greens Rx client to buy from Market Greens?

Please note you do not need to show proof of Greens Rx to shop at the market. Market Greens is open to all.

How much does produce cost and where is it from?

We offer produce at competitive prices, locally sourced when possible and from a non-profit.

Who can join Greens Rx?

Existing Sherbourne Health service users who are:

· 18 and over

· able to access the market regularly

· living with a diet-related condition such as diabetes, heart disease, etc. (no need to specify)

· finding it difficult to obtain fresh vegetables and fruit and incorporate them regularly in your diet,

· open to completing surveys about your Greens Rx experience.

For more information on Food for Good Market Greens or to see if you are eligible to become a Greens Rx client and receive subsidized produce, please contact your Sherbourne Health service provider or

Spots in the Greens Rx program are limited and reserved for people seeing a Sherbourne Health service provider. Sherbourne Health providers do not include on-site third parties, such as:, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Sherbourne Health and Food Insecurity

At Sherbourne, we believe that everyone deserves access to comprehensive and holistic health and wellness supports that address physical and mental health, and which also impact social determinants of health. Food security is one of those determinants.

The area surrounding Sherbourne Health is a high-density, low-income neighbourhood where many individuals and families face food insecurity. Learn more about how Food for Good addresses local rising hunger.

Food for Good Market Greens is a unique model offering affordable, nutritious produce to low income populations. This not-for-profit market is also open to the general public who can purchase reasonably-priced produce which will then help subsidize the program for those in need. Food for Good’s Market Greens initiative also offers food education through learning opportunities, social experiences, and an on-site staff dietitian.

The Market Greens initiative has been made possible through generous partnership and funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security and the Arrell Family Foundation.  

Market Greens is a program supported by Community Food Centres of Canada. To date, the program has been implemented in 28 communities across Canada and has supported more than 1,000 households to access fresh fruits and vegetables. For more information about CFCC, visit their website.