Intersections at SOY – Tuesday Night Health and Wellbeing Hub

Slide 2 - updated April 2019 " SOY offers what other places don't, which is friendship and a welcoming community." — Ash, 27 years old, SOY youth client " SOY offers what other places don't, which is friendship and a welcoming community." — Ash, 27 years old, SOY youth client
  • The Need

    LGBT2SQ youth in our city face unique challenges and barriers, beyond what their non-queer peers face. Experiences of family rejection and social isolation, violence, harassment and bullying, racism, homelessness and mental health issues impact queer and trans youth. For example, in the City of Toronto’s most recent Street Needs Assessment (2018), it was found that 1 in 4 youth experiencing homelessness identifies as LGBT2SQ. Furthermore, 13% of homeless youth identify as trans, gender non-conforming or Two Spirit. Supports specifically designed for queer and trans youth delivered in safe and accessible spaces are vital.

    Intersections Health and Wellbeing Hub

    Supporting Our Youth (SOY) is an innovative program of Sherbourne Health that offers dynamic programming and services to support the health and wellbeing goals of LGBT2SQ youth and young adults ages 29 and under, many of whom are homeless, racialized, refugees and newcomers to Canada. For the past 20 years, SOY has provided services and support to thousands of queer and trans youth, helping them grow into resilient, healthy, and vibrant young people.

    Intersections at SOY, the Tuesday Night Health and Wellbeing Hub, offers LGBT2SQ youth a central place to honour their experiences and resourcefulness, decrease isolation, connect with diverse services, and support their goals. All LGBT2SQ youth and young adults are welcome on Tuesdays for programming and a range of supports tailored to individual needs, ranging from a meal or a housing workshop, to an opportunity to engage in an arts-based activity. Designed as an open, creative space, staff from across Sherbourne including SOY youth resource workers, SOY program facilitators, mental health counsellors and dieticians provide programming, services and systems navigation to support health and wellbeing needs and goals.


    • Support to Basic Needs: Basic needs including access to a full and nutritious meal and transit tokens are provided to LGBT2SQ youth.
    • Skills Development: In workshops, discussions and through one-to-one supports, youth learn important skills in how to access housing, pathways to employment, and the development of communications and interpersonal skills.
    • Goal Planning Services: Youth are encouraged to participate in developing, setting and working towards achieving goals in collaboration with SOY’s youth resource workers.
    • Mental Health Supports: Workshops and discussions improve mental health and wellness by teaching youth important skills and strengths to grow confidence and resilience and access to one-to-one supports with a mental health counsellor.
    • Community Development: By providing an open and accessible space for all queer and trans youth to share dinner, engage in workshops and discussions and develop their skills, community development is encouraged.

    Your support to SOY matters. Through generous donations and community support, we can offer kind and caring health services to queer and trans youth in need to help them on their path to wellness.

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Did you know …

LGBT2SQ youth have complex mental health needs, often resulting from barriers they face such as homelessness, discrimination and isolation? In 46 weekly sessions, Intersections at SOY supports LGBT2SQ youth from across Toronto with diverse programming to address barriers while growing skills and accessing supports to achieve health and wellness.