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You are invited to review and respond to this Request for Proposals (RFP), entitled Review of Programs and Services Delivered by External Contractors for the Sherbourne Health Centre Corporation. In submitting your proposal, you must fully comply with the requirements set out in this RFP. Missing and/or incomplete information may cause your response to be disqualified from further consideration.

The RFP seeks a consultant and/or consulting firm to conduct a review of programs and services delivered by external contractors.

Questions regarding the content of this RFP may be submitted by email to the contact person set out in this RFP. For clarity, Sherbourne may release answers to the questions submitted by email to all interested parties. To receive any and all further information regarding this RFP, please send an email to the contact person set out in this RFP requesting to be on the update list.

Questions, requests for clarification, requests to be on the update list and final RFP submissions are to be directed by email to Carolina Berinstein,


Sherbourne is a dynamic provider of integrated health services, community programs and capacity-building initiatives that enable people and diverse communities to achieve wellness.

At Sherbourne our doors are open to everyone, and we prioritize those who face barriers to care: LGBT2SQ community members; newcomers to Canada; and people who are experiencing homelessness or under-housing. Our unique programs combine primary health and chronic disease services, health promotion, outreach and social supports, and mental health services, to increase access for our priority populations, influence population health outcomes, and strive for organization excellence. They include the Acute Respite Care (ARC) program, the Rotary Club of Toronto Health Bus, Supporting our Youth (SOY), Rainbow Health Ontario (RHO), Women in Need ‘Klinik’ (WINK) and Health Access St. James Town.

Accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada, we are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Toronto Central LHIN, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Ministry of Child and Youth Services, City of Toronto and many generous companies, groups and individual donors.

Over the last several years the organization has been conducting comprehensive evaluations of its different program areas to determine how well programs are doing at meeting changing client and community needs.  Historically, Sherbourne has delivered a number of programs and services by contracting external consultants or community members to deliver them.  This approach to delivering services has not been formally reviewed to date, however it has come up in some of the program evaluations.

Given Sherbourne’s strategic direction of “striving for organizational excellence” and the number of changes that have occurred in the external environment as well as our programs and services, it is time to reflect on our model of contracting out program delivery in order to determine:

  • Alignment with organizational values and strategic directions
  • Clarity on scope of services being delivered
  • Resources required – return on investment
  • Ongoing accountabilities
  • Equity/consistency of various contracts
  • Potential risks


The purpose of this evaluation is to determine:

  1. Overall effectiveness of contracting out program delivery with regards to:
    • Success/effectiveness of the model: to what extent has this model been successful in addressing the needs of clients and achieving desired outcomes? From a health outcome perspective, what has worked, what has not, and why?
    • Program delivery model: is this model appropriate for the needs of clients and community members accessing services?
    • Effectiveness and efficiency of the model with regards to human resources, finances and data collection/management. What resources (visible/ invisible) are required to make this model viable, and is distribution of resources equitable across programs and services?
    • Alignment with organizational values and strategic directions
  2. Risk assessment, management issues, and opportunities for quality improvement: what are the areas of risk that need to be considered related to clinical and/or resource (financial, human, physical) issues?
  3. Recommendations to inform future planning

The scope of the work will include the following:

  • Document review
  • Development of evaluation instruments/ tools
  • Data collection through key informant interviews or focus groups with key stakeholders
  • Data analysis and report writing
  • Work with Sherbourne to seek input and receive feedback on content and process issues


  • A detailed work plan outlining methodology, key activities, time frame
  • A preliminary draft report (1 hardcopy and digital version)
  • A final evaluation report which includes: (1 hardcopy and digital version)
    • An executive summary
    • Assessment of overall effectiveness of program delivery model, including human and financial resources
    • Risk assessment and management issues
    • Strategic recommendations/ options to inform future state

Project Timeframe

The project is expected to be completed by January 31, 2020.


Proponents should submit a budget as part of their proposal, including all expenses, fees, and disbursements.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals should include the following information:

  • Contact information
  • Background information about the consulting team and role with the project
  • A list of relevant projects/ evaluations the proponent has produced
  • An overview of the proponent’s understanding of the assignment
  • A description of the methodology to be used
  • Project work plan by phase, including key activities, timelines and deliverables
  • A budget including breakdown of cost by key activities
  • A brief summary of the profile and role of the lead consultant with overall responsibility for this project and others who will be involved in the project
  • The names and contact information of three references for whom the consultant has undertaken assignments of a similar scope and nature, including the name of each organization or company cited for the reference

Proposal Review and Evaluation Criteria

Sherbourne may accept or reject any or all proposals. Sherbourne may accept any proposal in whole or in part. There is no express or implied term of this RFP that they lowest priced proposal or highest ranked proposal will be identified as the successful respondent.

Upon receipt by Sherbourne, all documents submitted in response to this RFP will become the property of Sherbourne Health Centre Corporation.

Closing date: Monday, October 21st, 2019

Submit proposals by the closing date, electronically to:

Carolina Berinstein
Programs & Services Director, LGBT2SQ Communities

Each proposal received by the closing date will be evaluated by a team based on the following criteria:

  • Proponent’s level of understanding of the overall assignment
  • Extent to which the proposed methodology, work plan and deliverables reflect the purpose and scope of the project
  • Consistency between the proposed timeframe, budget and work plan
  • Level and scope of proponent’s experience and qualifications in undertaking projects of a similar nature
  • Proposed budget

To apply for this job email your details to