Sherbourne Health celebrates PRIDE with virtual festivities

Pride at Sherbourne

Happy Pride Everyone! This year, we continue our commitment to recognize Pride Month, a significant event for the vibrant communities around our city. In light of the circumstances surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic, we will be offering virtual festivities to mark this special occasion, and celebrate with our clients, service users and Sherbourne communities. In addition to our current offering of virtual services and care to help provide support throughout Pride, we’re hosting a Virtual Pride Prom this month for LGBT2SQ youth. Details are below.

We wish our communities safety and wellness, and look forward to you joining us this year as we celebrate Pride at Sherbourne together.


Pride month is a time for celebration. But for many LGBT2SQ youth it can be difficult finding a space to celebrate their identity at the end of the school year. Unfortunately, high school dances aren’t always the safest place to party. With continued physical distancing throughout June, Supporting Our Youth (SOY) and Skylark Youth Services are holding a virtual Pride Prom 2020: Dreams.

Get your virtual dancing shoes on! This event will be similar to a high school dance but it’s a special space where youth get to be who they are and connect to other queer and trans youth at home —through video, phone or chat. Having multiple options for youth to participate allows attendees to find comfort and a sense of safety while still feeling connected. A Youth Advisory Committee will decide the theme, artists and performers, and work alongside SOY staff to develop safety and registration protocols. SOY staff will also serve as hosts for the virtual party.

For more event details: