Update on Sherbourne’s Transition-Related Surgery (TRS) Supports

Thanks for your interest in Sherbourne Health’s Transition-Related Surgery (TRS) supports. We are in the process of redeveloping our surgical support programs in order to make them more effective and inclusive, as well as reflective and responsive to the diverse needs of Toronto’s trans and non-binary communities. We know it is important for trans folks to have access to good, competent supports before, during and after transition-related surgeries and want to ensure that the new programming is as strong as possible.

Based on feedback we have received from trans and non-binary service users, new TRS supports and programs will:

  • Focus on expanding supports at Sherbourne to help address the historic lack of surgery supports for trans women and trans feminine individuals.
  • Be inclusive of a wide range of trans and non-binary identities, body types and cultural backgrounds.
  • Respect the need for a closed space to address the particular experiences of those who are post-op, in order to foster an environment for sharing and supporting each other.
  • Create opportunities for folks who are considering, going through and/or recovering from surgery to form meaningful peer relationships both within and outside of Sherbourne.
  • Include the development of resources so that knowledge about TRS supports is more common and easily accessible.

Thanks for your patience as we work toward these goals.  We truly appreciate all the perspectives that have been shared with us, as well as the trust that trans and non-binary service users and healthcare providers have placed in us.  We are committed to providing ongoing updates about our process with our service users, clients and communities as new information becomes available.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any further questions or feedback at: transprograms@sherbourne.on.ca.

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