Program Innovation Review – 2SLGBTQ Community Programs

Sherbourne Health is a dynamic provider of integrated health services, community programs and capacity-building initiatives that enable people and diverse communities to achieve wellness. As an urban health agency in downtown Toronto, Sherbourne provides holistic primary care and chronic disease management, mental health services, health promotion and education, outreach and social supports. Sherbourne’s doors are open to everyone, with a focus on LGBT2SQ communities, people experiencing homelessness, and newcomers to Canada, whose complex needs are often not met by traditional health care. Sherbourne combines high quality clinical care with responsive, culturally appropriate community development programs that bring low-barrier services to people in the surrounding communities who need it most.

We are funded by the Ministry of Health, Ontario Health (Toronto Central sub region), the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, the City of Toronto and supported by foundations, corporate partners, groups, and individual donors.

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What we want to do:

The 2SLGBTQ programs at Sherbourne Health have been long recognized for their advocacy on issues that impact the community and for having created safe and inclusive spaces for community members.  We are at a stage where we acknowledge that further program refinement and innovation is necessary to ensure that we are responsive to the changing needs of the communities we work with and for optimal impact.

Sherbourne Health has undergone an organizational restructuring in early 2022 with Programs and Services being aligned under two portfolios – a) Integrated Health Services comprising primary care, mental health and harm reduction programming, Acute Respite Care, Hep C and the Health Bus programming and b) Community Health and Capacity Building Initiatives comprising Health Access St. James Town and the NP led community clinic, the Settlement and Health Integration Program, 2SLGBTQ Community Programs, Health Promotion, Rainbow Health Ontario, Food for Good programming, and Diabetes and Nutrition Programs.

This recent restructuring gives us the opportunity to align 2SLGBTQ programming effectively in the structure of the Community Health and Capacity Building Initiatives Portfolio with a focus on innovation, impact and program expansion to work at the intersections of Sherbourne Health’s three populations of focus: 2SLGBT communities, Newcomers to Canada and People Experiencing Homelessness.

We are seeking proposals from qualified consultants to conduct a comprehensive Program Innovation Review with the end goal of achieving a future state vision for the program and an action plan that helps us move towards this vision.

The programs in scope are:

A. SOY Programs:

a) SOY Peer Leadership and Mentorship

b) SOY Groups Programming

c) GPS and Housing

B. Trans and Non-Binary Programs

C. 2SLGBTQ Parenting and Family Resource Program

Objectives of Review:

 Review the status of programs with regards to:

  • Team Dynamics
  • Efficiencies and Accountability
  • Impact
  • Limitations of the current model and recent efforts to address these

Opportunities for internal realignment facilitated by the new structure :

  • Leveraging synergies within the Community Health and Capacity Building Initiatives (CHCBI) Portfolio
  • Leveraging inter-departmental synergies between the Integrated Health Services and CHCBI Portfolios

Environmental Scan and review in terms of opportunities for innovation and expansion 

  • System and sectoral opportunities for leadership in youth, trans and non-binary programming and Parenting and Family Resource programming
  • Input from relevant stakeholders including service users
  • Innovations in the sector that would benefit our priority populations
  • Partnerships and stakeholder relationships
  • Expansion Opportunities

Proposing a new model and structure for the Program:

  • Model Elements that allow for integration, innovation and impact
  • Staffing model that aligns to the proposed program structure
  • Process Elements that allow for efficiency and accountability
  • Roll out plan with timelines

Skills and Experience

  •  Understanding of and experience in the community health and community services sectors
  • Experience in outcome-based evaluation
  • Divergent and Strategic Thinking
  • Experience in reviewing youth related community programs, with a specific focus on 2SLGBTQ communities will be an asset
  • A strong understanding of the ARAO framework and its application in program review and program innovation


This review must be completed by three months of being awarded the contract

How to apply:

Please provide a proposal outlining your process and scope for this review, timelines, and costing. Please indicate your experience in this area and any relevant references.

Please provide your proposal by Friday, March 31, 2023.

Nadjib Alamyar

Program Manager, Capacity Building Initiatives

Sherbourne Health