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Rights & Responsibilities

We strive to create a safe, respectful and accessible space that affirms the identities, experiences and needs of all service users, staff, providers, students, volunteers and visitors.


Our Duties to Each Other While at Sherbourne

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Do our part to maintain a safe, clean and pleasant environment
  • Be aware of, and follow, Sherbourne’s policies and procedures
  • Report issues or concerns about Sherbourne’s programs and services
  • Wear clothes and footwear while in Sherbourne
  • Do not use scents and scented products

We will not accept disrespectful comments or discrimination, including homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism or ableism.

Threats or acts of violence, displaying a weapon, intimidating behavior, or theft may lead to restriction of access to services.

Sherbourne welcomes compliments, complaints and ideas. You can fill in the feedback form online, in-person in our waiting rooms, or contact us at feedback@sherbourne.on.ca

Download a copy of these rights and responsibilities (PDF)

Questions? Contact us.