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Your feedback helps us improve the quality of our programs and services. We welcome your compliments, complaints, and suggestions.

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Feedback about your care

Every year, we aim to collect information and feedback from our clients about their experience at Sherbourne Health. Our current survey is now open, and is intended for anyone who has received services at Sherbourne Health.

Your feedback is valuable to us and helps us shape services for the future. Please take a few minutes to fill out Client Experience Survey and let us know how we are doing.

Thank you, from all of us at Sherbourne Health.

(Note: this survey is anonymous and all responses are kept confidential).

Feedback about programs or services

If there’s something you’d like to tell us about your experience as a Sherbourne client, you can speak with a member of staff or download and fill in a Feedback Form. Forms are available at any reception desk in English, Spanish, Tamil and Hungarian.

Forms can be dropped in the Suggestion Boxes throughout Sherbourne, or emailed to feedback@sherbourne.on.ca

For more information about how we treat your feedback, you can read our full Client Comments and Complaints Policy and Procedures.

Whistleblower policy

A whistleblower policy is a good governance measure adopted by many charities and public sector organizations. The purpose is to encourage current and former board members, employees, providers, students, volunteers, vendors, contractors and partner organizations to report credible information about illegal practices or violations of adopted organization policies, including with respect to issues of honesty and integrity, conflicts of interest and of questionable financial or operational matters. The policy protects whistleblowers from reprisal and provides a mechanism for communicating such concerns and for receiving and investigating complaints.

View Sherbourne’s Whistleblower Policy.

The policy was revised by Sherbourne’s Board of Directors in March 2020.

Questions? Contact us.