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Fundraising for Sherbourne

Holding your own fundraising event can be a great way to support Sherbourne’s programs. Start planning your event today!


Steps to Planning a Fundraising Event:

Step 1: Choose the type of event you want to organize (see the list below for suggestions)
Step 2: Contact Joe Goulart, Manager, Fund Development, at jgoulart@sherbourne.on.ca or 416-324-4100 ext. 3351.
Step 3: Download and complete the Third Party Fundraiser Agreement.
We can help by providing information about programs, pledge forms and tips for success. We can even set up an online fundraising page for you!

Looking for fundraising inspiration?

  • Ask for donations in lieu of gifts at your special event (birthday, wedding, baby shower)
  • Hold a silent auction in your workplace or with friends
  • Host a ‘jeans-day’ in your office with proceeds designated to Sherbourne
  • Organize a walking or running challenge
  • Host a bake sale, BBQ, or even a pie-eating competition!
  • Plan a yard sale and get your neighbours to also support Sherbourne
  • Plan a karaoke night or talent show, and collect donations at the door
  • What would you like to give up – Facebook? TV? Chocolate?! Why not use us a daily incentive, and raise funds for your favourite program along the way?

Tip: Don’t forget you can include a link to our ‘Donate’ page in emails and Facebook posts when you’re promoting your event – that way people can donate directly and receive an instant tax receipt. We can also set up an online fundraising page for you.

Questions? Contact us.