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Research Requests

All research projects publicized by Sherbourne Health and our various programs through our website, social media, by way of posters, or in any other way, must adhere to Sherbourne’s Research Policy.


The Purpose of the Research Policy is to:

  • Promote research at Sherbourne that is for the benefit of our communities or the improvement of our services
  • Ensure that research is conducted in a manner consistent with Sherbourne’s vision, mission and values
  • Encourage ethical conduct in research and rigorous planning activities to minimize risk and to promote effective collaborations with academic, agency and community partners
  • Promote appropriate knowledge exchange activities

We are often approached by external researchers to recruit for study participants in waiting rooms, in groups or on websites. Listing or posting research in our building, on agency websites or in newsletters gives a study the appearance of having been approved by us. To protect our clients, staff and Sherbourne’s reputation, research studies must be reviewed and approved by Sherbourne’s management before being promoted by Sherbourne.


Calls for research participants are only published after we receive the appropriate documentation and the study has been approved for promotion.

The following documents will be provided by the researcher before Sherbourne will promote external research studies:

  • A one to two page description of the study that includes its purpose, methods, requirements of participants and contact information for the Principle Researcher
  • A copy of the Research Ethics Board approval letter for the study
  • A copy of any promotional materials that will be used for the study

Submitting Your Research

In order to submit your call for participants to be considered, please email the documents listed above to feedback@sherbourne.on.ca.

NOTE: For research studies specifically related to 2SLGBTQ communities, please submit via Rainbow Health Ontario’s research portal.

Questions? Contact us.