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2SLGBTQ Family Resources

The 2SLGBTQ Family Resources program is here to help queer and trans people learn more about building and supporting their families.

Winter workshop registration is now open.



We’ve created a brief survey to better understand participant needs and inform our programming for 2SLGBTQ families and those planning to start a family. Take the 2SLGBTQ Family Resources survey.

2SLGBTQ Family Resources – 2024 Workshops

2SLGBTQ Family Resources offers workshops for those interested in family planning through surrogacy, adoption, or pregnancy. These sessions cover practical, emotional, social, and legal aspects in Ontario. They include presentations, discussions, and guest speakers. Registration is required for in-person attendance.

To join a session, please fill out a registration form.

Upcoming Programming

Family Building Through Third Party Reproduction: February 13
Surrogacy 101: Steps to Family Building: February 27
Initial Family Planning: Beginning Your Journey – February 28
At-Home Insemination and Family Building: March 6
7 Core Issues of Adoption: March 19, 26
The ABCs of Adoption: a Step-By-Step Guide: March 20
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Workshops by 2SLGBTQ Family Resources have covered a diverse range of topics, including:

  • third-party reproduction
  • midwife and doula services
  • fostering
  • legal considerations
  • infant care

Contact 2SLGBTQ Family Resources

To stay updated on upcoming workshops from the 2SLGBTQ Family Resources program, send us an email at familyresources@sherbourne.on.ca

Questions? Contact us.