Acute Respite Care (ARC) Program

Important information for all service users

Thank you for contacting us about the Acute Respite Care (ARC) program at Sherbourne Health.

The ARC program is currently undergoing program changes. These enhancements are being made so that we can continue to best serve the health and wellness needs of our clients and communities.

As a result of these ongoing enhancements, our intake and referral process is not yet running at full capacity. In order to effectively manage and respond to the needs of our clients, we are evaluating admissions on a case-by-case basis, and prioritizing those clients requiring urgent care and/or whose conditions match our current staffing capacity.

Please note the following regarding the client intake process:

  • Submitting a referral does not guarantee a client’s stay at ARC, and will be determined on a case-by-case basis while considering current capacity and urgent care needs.
  • Currently all referral requests are being managed by the ARC team, in the absence of a dedicated Intake Nurse. While requests will be responded to as quickly as possible, please expect an average turnaround time of 2-3 weeks from the date of initial submission in order to process referrals and confirm a client’s stay at ARC. These timelines are temporary until an Intake Nurse is established.
  • Referral requests can be made by calling 416-324-4108

We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this exciting time of change, as we work to solidify these program enhancements and bring responsible and effective care to our ARC clients.

Please check back on this page for further updates.

For ongoing details on all program and service changes at Sherbourne, read COVID-19 Updates at Sherbourne Health.

  • Sherbourne’s Acute Respite Care (ARC) Program, formerly ‘the Infirmary’, is a short-term health care unit offering 24/7 care for individuals who are homeless, under-housed and/or socially isolated (aged 16 and older) who need a safe place to recuperate from an acute medical condition, illness, injury or surgery.

    ARC offers a comfortable, supportive environment for clients to rest and recover. It is an inclusive space that welcomes all people of diverse social, cultural and gender identities.

    An Interdisciplinary Team

    Health care is provided by a interdisciplinary team including consulting Physicians, a Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses, Community Health Workers, a Case Manager, Intake and Admissions Nurse, and a Unit Coordinator. ARC operates 7 days a week, 24 hours per day, providing recuperative and holistic health care to such people who are expected to recover in a short period of time from a medical condition and do not need hospital care.

    Transition-Related Care

    In 2016, ARC opened a space devoted to transition-related care, as part of Sherbourne’s trans health expansion initiative. This expansion includes four additional beds to support individuals recovering from transition-related surgery (TRS).

    Program Information & Referrals

    ARC augments existing health care available through hospital and community sites within the TCLHIN catchment area. Our intent is to enhance the recuperative or recovery options for people who are homeless or under-housed, with a focus on individuals with health issues requiring short-term stays. ARC is not intended to replace other needed forms of health care such as emergency or urgent assessment, crisis, mental health or addiction services.

    We encourage you to read our program materials, which provide an overview and will answer many questions about the program.

    To request printed copies of the ARC brochure, please email


    For questions and more information, call (416) 324-4108.
    To submit a referral, fax a completed referral form to (416) 324-4181.


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