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Levelling Mind

The Levelling Mind program empowers trans and non-binary youth with tools to navigate stress and enhance well-being, while also equipping their families and adult supporters with skills for fostering safer, more supportive environments.


Registration is now open. Program starts on Thursday, November 16.

Levelling Mind is a nine-week program designed specifically for trans and non-binary youth and their adult supporters. We provide two tailored groups, each focusing on nurturing emotional wellness and building effective communication tools, all under the guidance of experienced mental health counsellors. Please note that Levelling Mind is not a therapeutic program. 

The trans and non-binary youth cohort will receive guidance on:


  • Emotions in challenging settings
  • Stress-handling tools
  • Clear, strong communication
  • Navigating family and self-views
  • Accessing community support
  • Building supportive relationships
  • Future planning

The cohort for parents and adult supporters will deepen their knowledge on:


  • Trauma-informed parenting
  • Balancing personal and shared emotions
  • Empathetic and constructive communication
  • The role of family support
  • Community resources
  • Peer sharing
Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Understanding Stress
Week 3: Awareness
Week 4: Self-regulation
Week 5: Coping and Co-regulation
Week 6: Effective Communication skills
Week 7: Family Dynamics and Support Systems
Week 8: Community Care
Week 9: Reflections and Feedback

For more information or to register, visit our registration form or contact us at tlieu@sherbourne.on.ca

Questions? Contact us.