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Parenting and Family Resources, 2SLGBTQ Communities

The 2SLGBTQ Parenting and Family Resources Program at Sherbourne Health provides information, resources, and referrals for queer and trans folks looking to grow their families, 2SLGBTQ families, and gender-expansive kids and youth. Our goal is to make access to information, programs, and services more readily available to all members of our diverse communities.

You can reach out to our Family Resource Worker for more information: familyresources@sherbourne.on.ca.

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Upcoming Programming

2SLGBTQ Family and Parenting Programs – Fall 2022 Courses

The Fall 2022 2SLGBTQ Family and Parenting Programs are community-oriented courses for 2SLGBTQ folks interested in learning more about growing their family through surrogacy, adoption or pregnancy. Through presentations, personal reflection, group discussion and guest speakers, participants will have the opportunity to consider the practical, emotional, social, and legal issues related to queer and trans family planning in the Ontario context. All courses are offered online over Zoom.

No upcoming workshops at this time. Please check back soon.

Questions? Contact us.